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We unite

High impact investors and entrepreneurs


 Startups are more efficient by having fewer reporting obligations to their  investors and a single channel


We educate so you can invest and diversify in alternative assets


First investment custodian focused on startups

What we do...


  1. Angel Investment and Venture Capital

  2. Investment: We focus on early stage ventures, with tickets between USD $ 50 and USD 500K.

  3. Co-Investment: We encourage co-investment in opportunities that are presented to us.

  4. Corporate Venture Capital: We seek to make links between Industry and Startups.

  5. Custody: We safeguard the investments of our Investors.

  6. Trading: We are attentive to the exit possibilities of own investments as well as those in custody.

The process...

We make it easy

  1. Investor gets inside the ecosystem

  2. Investor makes decision to invest

  3. Investor mandates Newen Capital to take a position on entrepreneurship. Mandate with representation.

  4. Newen Capital represents the interests of investors

  5. Newen Capital periodically informs investors about their investments

  6. Newen Capital informs about exit possibilities.

Why we...


  1. We know the Ecosystem

  2. We teach the bottom of the ecosystem to the investor

  3. We have the networks and contacts

  4. We channel information in an orderly and periodic way

  5. We control the fulfillment of milestones of the enterprise

  6. We help entrepreneurs with knowledge

  7. We are on the board of directors (if the shares we safeguard reach)

  8. We seek co-investment

  9. We know how to value this type of asset

  10. Our intervention implies a “derisking” of the investment

  11. We serve as a platform for investment

  12. We have the legal and structural knowledge to implement

  13. We heal and accompany entrepreneurship on its way

  14. We have the vision of making the country grow based on entrepreneurship.

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