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We help you prepare your startup to strategically face a round with private investors

Modelo de Negocios

Análisis y validación del modelo de negocios en CANVAS B  y análisis de la competencia

Deck & One Page

Construcción del esqueleto del pitch deck y one pager; con entrenamiento del Pitch

Flujos de Caja

Construcción de los flujos de caja a 3-5 años

Due Diligence

Apoyo en la construcción del Data Room en


Valorización de la empresa en base a 5 métodos

Ronda de Capital

Metodología de levantamiento de capital: Apoyo en armado de carpeta de inversiones con en CRM de inversionistas y updates 

The process consists of:  
  1. Analysis and validation of the business model

  2. Valuation (this includes valuing the business model and business plan)

  3. Pitch Deck Construction for Investor

  4. Support in the construction of financial and legal Due Diligence

  5. Strategic direction 
    Note: within the scope of the service, it is to carry out a round with investors of the Venture Capital network.


Value of the service: $ 2,500,000 CLP (US $ 3,500)  

Service duration:  2 to 3 weeks approximately, it is important to note that the terms are relative depending on the information provided by the company and our service is measured by progress of objectives.

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